Ben Murphy-Ryan

Ben Murphy-Ryan

Senior Director, Global Talent Acquisition at Arm

Ben Murphy-Ryan currently leads the Global Talent Acquisition function for British semiconductor and software design company Arm, based form their Cambridge (UK) headquarters. During the past 18 years he has worked across fast-growth technology, retail and pharmaceutical industries, driving innovation and change within international hiring practices. Ben is passionate about the value of early careers programmes of development, the power of employer branding and the importance of better strategic workforce planning to drive organisational success. Ben has been a lead in the programme of work developing Strategic Workforce Planning 2.0 principles within the cross-organisational Imagine collaborative.

2:50 pm - 3:25 pm
Channel Thrive

SWP 2.0 with the Imagine Collaborative Community

Many organisations face a large volume of change and complexity at an unprecedented pace. How do you manage this to be successful and meet all the dynamically changing priorities? Join us to listen and learn from a variety of Talent leaders in different organisations who came together to openly collaborate in the Imagine Community to build Strategic Workforce Planning 2.0 – a tool to deliver the fluidity and agility needed to future proof your workforce and organisation”. This session is introduced by Sue Brooks (CEO at IMAGINE), facilitated by Julie Smith (People Change Manager) and consist of panellists; Vivienne Meredith (Head of HR at Anglo American), Nick Kemsley (Owner/Director at N Kemsley Consulting), Martin Thomas (Head of Total Workforce Strategy at Philips) and Ben Murphy-Ryan (Senior Director, Global Talent Acquisition at Arm).