Kate Bishop

Kate Bishop


Kate Bishop joined FNZ in September 2019 as Group Chief Human Resources Officer. She has over 30 years’ experience in corporate Human Resources around the world, most recently as Chief Human Resources Officer for Pearson, a global FTSE 100 education technology company. She led major transformational change, aligning and implementing all the people and organisational aspects of the company’s strategic global shift from offline to digital. Prior to Pearson she held HR leadership roles at Ceva Logistics, Dell and Nortel Networks and originally started her career outside of HR as a technologist. She has experience in multiple sectors, across technology, education, supply chain and hospitality, and aligns business understanding and leadership with her deep specialist knowledge across all disciplines within HR. Kate has been a world traveller throughout her career, accumulating significant global experience having lived and worked in Europe (London), Asia (Tokyo, Bangkok) and the Americas (Austin, Miami, Toronto).

10:20 am - 10:50 am
Channel Thrive

Leading HR: How do you find the solutions?

March 2020, the pandemic hits the UK, all organisations look to their HR department as a way to solve the crisis within their business environment. HR is suddenly front and centre and is expected to know the answer. Kate Bishop joined FNZ Group 1 year ago during a huge period of growth and change. A leading edge fintech / outsourcer the group had acquired 3 other organisations in 6 months as part of the growth strategy. Since that time and during the pandemic the growth has continued to accelerate and the organisation now has almost as many employees via acquisition as it had before. Kate will look at some of the challenges around remotely integrating multiple cultures and what FNZ have been able to do that is effective during this time of radical change internally and externally. How can HR be the facilitator for an organisation to grow quickly when, in the fintech space, regulation is in place across many countries? How do you keep your DNA, grow and assimilate all at the same time? How do you find the solutions when you don’t know the immediate answer?