Nico Blier-Silvestri

Nico Blier-Silvestri

Co-Founder & CEO at Platypus

Over the course of my career I have hired over 1500 people. Both tactical and strategic I lead by example and consider myself a builder having worked in some great organisations under some amazing leaders (Yahoo!, Informatica, Trustpilot, Unity, Revolut etc..) In January 2019 I had an epiphany moment and decided to start and bring a new angle to a data-driven approach to organisation culture. No more gut feeling, clear information about organisations values and the potential to impact every aspect of the talent lifecycle (attraction, management, retention). Over the past 15 years I have lived and worked in France, The Netherlands, India, Ireland, the US, the UK and I am now settled in Denmark. On the personal side I am a father of 4, and when time allows I am deep into rugby, cooking, gaming, gardening, lego and working on my house.

1:30 pm - 2:10 pm
Channel Adapt

Creating a Remote Culture of Innovation

Is your business currently going through change? Will your business need to change & innovate going forward? The answer to both of the above is likely to be yes, as is the nature of the world. How can we give our employees the freedom in their day-to-day operations to be innovative? What impact does/will a remote environment have on innovation? How do digitally native organisations look at innovation compared to those that have digital aspirations?