Niklas Carlheim-Müller

Niklas Carlheim-Müller

Global Tech Executive & previously VP, CTO at Ericsson

Niklas Carlheim-Müller is a global tech executive with 15+ years in high-visibility General Manager, Product and CTO roles in Software and Deep Tech. Most recently, he served as VP & GM of an Independent Operating Unit in Ericsson (NASDAQ:ERIC, the world’s leading telecom infrastructure provider), missioned to transform the company’s software business ($4B) to Software-as-a-Service, and created the company’s 360 degree business and delivery platform, the services to be marketed and a profitable global market-leading business. Prior to this tenure, Niklas was CTO for two product divisions (ca 50% of the company) and based in Silicon Valley. In his various roles, he has built several global multi-functional teams and led transformation with company- (30 000+ people) and market-wide impact. Niklas has expertise in innovation/transformation of products, businesses and business models applying digital paradigms, from inception through to global scale, and in global scaling of businesses through critical enablers for global revenue, capability and capacity. Since the start of 2020, Niklas has been working through the phase of co-founding a tech company, still in stealth-mode, pursuing an opportunity in the data privacy and information security space, while also lending his expertise to advising companies as an independent consultant and private venture investor. Niklas is living in Stockholm, Sweden, where he besides his work spends his time with his wife and his two sons and nurtures his interests in sport and literature.

1:30 pm - 2:10 pm
Channel Thrive

Reaching the Pivot Point for Transformation

We have all seen some transformations fail, even when they are a priority. When it is about the survival of the business or even the company, like evolving a portfolio in a technology paradigm shift, upgrading a business model or streamlining how a company works in the age of ‘digital’, as a leader of transformation – how can you make it a success? The hard part is not to define the ‘new’ product, business model or process, it is the role of leadership and impact of the execution to reach the Pivot Point for transformation: when the change has progressed from being questioned by many to the new ‘truth’ and spreads like a chain reaction. What are the mechanisms to achieve large-scale change? In this ‘white paper’ session, long-time tech executive Niklas Carlheim-Müller shares his real-life experiences of making company- and market-wide transformation happen, recently as GM of the SaaS transformation of a $4B business. How do you become influential without formal power? How do you propagate change through a wide organisation and market – a network of empowered people? What must the CEO (or equivalent) do? How do you organise for it? Manage risk to a large P&L? What time does a successful transformation take? What is the 1/10 rule?