Oliver Anderson

Oliver Anderson

CEO at 10x Psychology

Oliver is the CEO at 10x Psychology. Oliver is a thought leader in the application of data analytics within HR, and has extensive analytics, people and change management experience from holding senior HR leadership roles across the private and public sectors. A triple graduate, he was initially educated at Reading University (BSc Statistics and MSc Biometrics) and later at Portsmouth University (MSc Human Resources). Oliver’s high-end numerical skills, award winning solutions and private sector experience fuelled his rapid advancement through sequential operational leadership roles and into the highest levels of HR Management.

11:45 am - 12:15 pm
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The Evolution of HR Tech

Like so much in 2020, the Covid pandemic has hastened the arrival of trends that were well on their way to coming into fruition. Even pre-Covid, today’s business environment was overwhelming many, and whilst the cause might have changed, the result is that productivity is very much the primary focus. How do we do more with less? How do we innovate, fast, to the new environment? How do we motivate dispersed and changed teams? It appears technology has very quickly plugged the gaps where the workforce is now operating from multiple bases, in a way never intended and is set to do even more in the year ahead. Key takeaways: Early adopters of data-driven people intelligence will have a significant advantage over their competition. Fast or self-paced motivation, engagement and development in the name of productivity will be possible and highly effective via technology. HR technology that is human friendly, that augments decision making will be the big trend in 2021