Ozlem Sarioglu

Ozlem Sarioglu

Co-Founder and Managing Partner at SparkUs

Ozlem Sarioglu, PCC is a professional coach working with leaders, teams and organizations and is also the co-founder of Sparkus Digital Coaching Platform, one of the 400 start-ups around the globe invited to the World Economic Forum with a social impact. As the managing partner responsible for coaching in Sparkus, she has vast experience on how to adopt coaching services to the digitalization agenda of the corporate HR and L&D teams, also leading the Sparkus coach pool. She is the author of the book “World Voices” which focuses on de-polarization of teams, organisations and larger systems. In 2019, Ozlem was recognized by the International Coach Federation (ICF) with the “ICF Young Leader Award” as one of the six people to carry the coaching profession into the future.

10:20 am - 10:50 am
Channel Adapt

Scaling a culture of coaching in a remote workforce

The 2 biggest struggles of the remote workforce are (1) Collaboration & Communication and (2) Loneliness. Coaching can be a remedy to these issues by improving communication by 42% and productivity by 39%. However, it is not always possible to scale coaching to the whole culture, due to limited resources. Ozlem Sarioglu, an award-winning coach and co-founder of the digital coaching platform SparkUs, will share their experience in scaling a coaching culture to the whole organisation.