Paul Burrin

Paul Burrin

Vice President at Sage People

Paul Burrin is a work trends expert, a People Geek and Vice President at Sage People, a global cloud HR and People platform that helps organizations around the world to acquire, retain, manage and engage their workforce.

12:30 pm - 1:00 pm
Channel Adapt

HR in the moment: How to lead with HR agility to empower business resilience

Just 29% of HR leaders said they were organized around speed, agility and adaptability according to Sage People’s research – and that was before the pandemic. In reality, it means that less than one in three organizations were prepared to respond and adapt when COVID-19 hit. So how can HR and People teams pivot their strategy to the evolving HR agenda and, in turn, be increasingly responsive and resilient? Join the session with Paul Burrin, VP Product at Sage People, to find out: - Key data on exactly how the world of work has changed – and how organisations have responded - The biggest HR challenges organisations now face - How applying agile principles to HR can improve business outcomes and performance - Next steps HR and People teams can take to become more agile and resilient to change.