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Monday 18th Nov

EIL Digest

6 'Ted-style' Digest sessions

  • Communicating with a diverse, deskless workforce - Bob Cotton OBE (Former Chief Executive of BHA) - Brought to you by Eko App
  • One size doesn’t fit all; the importance of being people centred in today’s workplace  - Anna Rasmussen (CEO and Founder at OpenBlend)
  • The 4C's: Lessons from history and the art of the possible - Gerry Hill (Chief Revenue Officer at
  • Intelligent Disobedience: Transformation Leadership Lessons from how we train our Guide Dogs - Guy Butler (Transformation & Strategy Executive at Guide Dogs)
  • Leading through uncertainty – applying one rule and three questions - Rob Cross (Founder at Muru Leadership)
  • The Spectrums of Leadership - Roderic Yapp (Director at Leadership Forces)