Sharon Clews

Interim Director, Learning & Organisational Design at Warner Media

Sharon is a Leadership, Learning and Organisational Effectiveness Professional who has spent the best part of this year at Warner Media as Interim Director, Learning & Organisational Design. Prior to that, Sharon spent four and a half years in the Financial Services Industry, with M&G plc, developing their Leadership Excellence and Development programme and Learning Curriculum.

Sharon is also an accredited Transformational Coach and Systemic Team Coach, working with teams and individuals to achieve their goals and move towards a more positive approach in life.

She has a real passion for helping create leaders that people want to follow. Her ethos is; it isn’t enough to make good leaders, we have to work on nurturing good followers. People who know their own values, beliefs and strengths so they can identify good leadership when they come across it.

Her take on leadership is inclusive, kind, compassionate and collaborative. She is a firm believer in leadership being driven out of purpose and then translating that purpose into practice in order to achieve an organisation’s strategic objectives.

Sharon has lived in the UK for 11 years, coming from Australia originally. She is half Maltese and lives in London with her partner, chasing the sun whenever she can!